My great great grandmother was a healer, a bruja in Colombia. I like to think that I have travelled down this path because I am intrinsically linked to her. I was a candlemaker before I learned about Candle Magick, but now that I have delved into its purpose, I would like to encourage others to try it for themselves. The lighting of a candle can represent the ignition of an intention, as well as the beginning of a meditation. Custom scents, colours, carvings and adornments can be added to the candle to help strengthen the energy of an intention. These candle characteristics are symbolic of elements, celestial bodies, astrological signs, or even themes such as rebirth. When trying to manifest an intention it is important to not waver in its belief. By using a candle as a tool, embedded with specific properties, it can help guide your concentration to its fullest potential.


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