Unfortunately due to a disruption in the availability of a high quality pillar soy wax, orders placed from November 3rd – 16th will have a delay of 2-7 business days.


My trusted brand of pillar soy wax has gone under new management and is sadly no longer available in Canada. The new pillar soy wax that is on the market in Canada does not perform properly with the type of shapes that I create. I have desperately tried to make it work since there are no other pillar soy waxes available in all of Canada. Despite multiple tests, the only pillar soy wax that is available to me is not functioning well, and I need to move on.


This leaves me with no other option but to become an importer of a pillar soy wax that is up to my standards. After doing my research and testing a sample, I have thankfully found a wax that performs perfectly. All is in order, and I will receive my shipment by November 27th. I will also be able to help fellow Canadian candle-makers who have been mourning the loss of Ecosoya and are looking for another high quality wax. The wax that I am importing will work as a replacement for Ecosoya Pillar Blend & Q230.


My processing times will be back to normal (by November 30th). If you are a fellow candle-maker and are not happy with the current pillar wax on the market in Canada, please contact me for purchase.


All orders placed from November 3rd – 16th that have a delay will receive an email with an additional 15% OFF coupon code to use for a subsequent purchase. I am extremely upset that current orders have this delay and I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I am trying my best and sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, especially when you are a one-woman show. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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