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Custom Magick Soy Wax Candle
Twist Magick Candle
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Custom Magick Candle


Custom scents, colours, carvings and adornments are added to candles to help strengthen the energy of an intention. By using a candle as a tool, embedded with specific properties, it can help guide your concentration to its fullest potential. For more info please visit the Candle Magick page.


*Remember to meditate on your intention and its success every time you light this candle until fully melted. When trying to manifest an intention it is important to not waver in its belief. For more information please visit the Candle Magick page.


*Astrological Signs, Celestial Bodies, Themes and Elements are all carved into the candle by hand, which are then finalized with biodegradable glitter for visibility and emphasis.


*The photos (in order) are showing a Kurt Doll Head with lavender buds inside (the smallest doll head out of the 3), the Twist candle with cedar leaves inside, the Gretchen Ross Doll Head (medium sized doll head), and Casper (the largest doll head). Doll Heads can be chosen to represent the self when doing self candle rituals or shadow work. They can also represent other people if you are doing work for someone else. Twist Candles can be for more general themes in elemental circles or broader rituals.

Magick Candles are made to order and ready to ship or available for local pickup in 3–5 business days.

* For Exchange/Return Policy please see Terms & Conditions.

* See Shipping for more details.

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